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         The marital status of Ganesha varies widely in mythological stories and the issue has been the subject of considerable scholarly review.Several patterns of associations with different consorts are identifiable. One pattern of myths identifies Ganesha as an unmarried brahmac─ürin with no consorts. Another pattern associates him with the concepts of Buddhi (intellect), Siddhi (spiritual power), and Riddhi (prosperity); these qualities are sometimes personified as goddesses who are considered to be Ganesha's wives.Another pattern connects Ganesha with the goddess of culture and the arts, Sarasvati, and the goddess of luck and prosperity, Lakshmi.In the Bengal region he is linked with the banana tree, Kala Bo (or Kola Bou).He also may be shown with a single consort or a nameless servant.

         Some of the differences between these patterns can be understood by looking at regional variations across India, the time periods in which the patterns are found, and the traditions in which the beliefs are held. Some differences pertain to the preferred meditation form used by the devotee, with many different traditional forms ranging from Ganesha as a young boy to Ganesha as a Tantric deity.

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